Turn your pelvic floor workout into a game

Pelvic Floor Fitness

"Finally, a device that can work out your pelvic floor."

"When I prescribe pelvic floor exercices to my patients, they quickly get bored. But Perifit is different, it's the pelvic floor game boy: they really get into the game. My patients love it, they are enthusiastic..."

"This is a modern and efficient way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles"

Sandrine Galliac-Alanbari

"Perifit is likely to become the must-have of connected women."

"You can monitor your pelvic floor and increase your strength. The best news? You do it by playing games."

"Perfit is the only Kegel exerciser that strengthens both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles. At last! My Kegel Holy Grail. "

Author of Female Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

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How does it work?

Perifit is an innovative internal sensor that wirelessly connects to your smartphone, allowing you to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles in an entertaining, effective way. 

Perifit is a complement to your pelvic floor physical therapy. Its use should be monitored by a specialist. Learn more

Step by step instruction for a great start

The Perfit app gently guides you through your initial training. It provides a clear and simple explanation for every exercise, and lots of advice for a perfect workout, every time.

26mm diameter


The Perifit sensor is only 26mm wide. It fits all body types and accurately measures your lift strength. 

After each use, simply wash it with soap and water.

It's all about the softness and ease of use

On-demand training sessions

You can use your Perifit when you want and where you want. And it's especially effective to help supplement physical therapy sessions if you’re working with a specialist.

Any workout is more fun when you have a coach to train and encourage you.

With Perifit's virtual coach feature, your workout is efficient, effective, and entertaining. 

A virtual coach to boost your motivation

The Pelvic floor workout that is also a game!

Forget about doing confusing Kegels or trying to get through boring, repetitive workouts.

Our Perifit exercises are a series of fun smartphone games you play utilizing your pelvic floor muscles. Every level is carefully designed by world-class pelvic floor disorder specialists.

Perifit uses proprietary algorithms to assesses your personal pelvic floor performance against four key metrics: force, endurance, reflex, and agility.

This allows the virtual coach to train you using a set of custom-designed exercises for faster improvement.

Four-dimensional analysis of your progress

Millions of women suffer from stress incontinence, organ prolapse issues, and intimacy problems every day. However, these conditions can be easily prevented with proper pelvic floor muscle training.

Perifit shows you exactly which muscles you’re contracting using "Biofeedback", the same technique physical therapists or continence advisors use in their offices, but in the privacy of your own home.


Perifit. Your personal pelvic floor trainer.

Pelvic floor training has never been so simple

Boost your intimate well-being

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Strengthen your pelvic floor in 2 weeks

Prevent incontinence and prolapse permanently

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